Gait-ways to Great Getaways

Today’s economy and perhaps a newly rediscovered yearning for familial closeness is drawing families back together. As of 2010, 4.4 million US households held three generations least that more, up 15% since 2008. The 2012 figures will no doubt least that much again, if not more. But does this shift represent grandparents moving in with their adult It’s more likely adult children are moving back in with their parents, often bringing their children with them? | Many consider this a welcome trend, strengthening the ties that bind. Homebuilders are even getting in on the movement by designing homes for multigenerational families. Family members can pool talents, resources, finances and childcare duties, and there is more time for mutually beneficial lifestyles—including traveling and playing together. | The concept of “family vacation” takes on new meaning. It also requires more thoughtful planning, keeping everyone’s interests, attention spans and abilities in mind. The kids have boundless energy and want to challenge their skills. Parents want a little romance.

Grandparents want to learn something new and enjoy the view. By taking full advantage of great American ranches, inns, and resorts, it can be done! | These great get-away destinations are all family-oriented—there is something for every generation to enjoy and appreciate. Of course, as trail riders and equine enthusiasts, we also want to include some great horseback riding. Along the trail, we have captured some of “America’s Most Wanted” ranches. | Are we there yet? Yep!

We begin in Saratoga, Wyoming.

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