Night and Day Saddle Horse

Hey, thought I’d let everyone know of my own personal horse results with 99% Pure Glucosamine & Chondroitin.

This winter, after having uncharacteristic snow and ice on the ground for over two weeks, my 21 year old horse, Shantur, was clearly having trouble walking around. Founder, sole bruising? A whole string of prognoses was spinning through my head. He was still eating and drinking normally, he just did not want to walk around and he was stiff. My wife called our vet, Dr. Michael, on February 8th, after evaluating Shanty Dr. Michael concluded that Shanty  is getting old and arthritic. The cold weather, the ice, the slick hill in his pen all exacerbated his condition.

We first moved Shanty to another pen that didn’t have as big of a hill and was a little dryer. Then, not having the drugs that would make Shanty more comfortable, my wife went to Loveland Vet Supply Inc. While there she asked about a dietary supplement of 99% Pure Glucosamine & Chondroitin. She bought it. We started feeding it to him that night. Within two days, we were able to take him off of the comfort drugs. Yeah!

Now, a week and a half later, we still uncharacteristically have the snow and ice, but Shanty is his old self. We let him and the other hoses out into the pasture and what a joy to see him kick up his heals, buck, run and rear like he was 10 years younger and it was summer out! What a blessing.

We don’t know if these results are normal and we recommend talking to your vet before using any drugs or supplements, but we will keep you posted on how our saddle horse, Shantur, is doing.

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